About Jim Noel

Aviator – Educator – Mentor – Friend

Dr. Jim Noel was an educator, teacher and friend to hundreds of students and pilots in central Texas and around the country. As a professor at Texas A&M
University, he influenced the lives of his students not only by his ability to explain subject matter, but by his concern for them as individuals, both inside and out of the
classroom. A flight instructor for many decades, Jim introduced the freedom of the sky to hundreds more, and we all recognized that for Jim, aviation was a metaphor
for life and the possibilities of discovering unimagined vistas.

Dr. Jim Noel

Dr. Jim Noel - Educating our youth

He instituted the idea of Air Fairs to introduce young people to that same idea: to release them from the bounds of gravity and soar to unimaginable heights and
distances. It was all part of his life’s philosophy, to expand the horizon of his students’ imaginations and inspire them to take themselves further than they
thought possible.